What is the cost of delivery?


We offer free delivery on all orders over £50 plus VAT for mainland UK. For UK mainland orders under £50 plus VAT, the charge is £12 plus VAT.

For other parts of the UK, there will be a £20 plus VAT charge and unfortunately we cannot offer free delivery on any order.

The cost of delivery will be calculated during the checkout stage. If you are unsure if your delivery location is classed as UK mainland, please contact us on 01202 301301 or email us at info@ccmtills.co.uk

How long will it take for my order to reach me?


90% of deliveries will reach their destinations within 1-3 working days of your order confirmation, however, some deliveries may take up to 3 weeks depending on your location and our stock levels.

Though we will endeavour to let you know if there will be a significant delay, this is not always possible, so, if you require express delivery or delivery within a certain time-frame, please contact us before you place your order.

Which is the right till for my business?


If you need any extra advice when deciding which till is right for you, please call us on 0800 015 1777 or drop us and email at info@ccmtills.co.uk

Can you program my till?


If you have bought a till but are having difficulty programming it, we can help! Please contact us to discuss your requirements, whether or not you bought the till from us.

Do you rent tills?


Yes, depending on your needs and circumstances. Please call or email us to discuss your requirements.

Do you sell second hand tills?


Yes, we have a variety available, please have a look at the 'Tills' section of our website, or feel free to call or email us to discuss your requirements.

What's included with the 'set up?' option?:


Initialization, set-up and function programming (highly recommended if you've never programmed a cash register before), full colour overlay or key tops where applicable and 24/7 telephone support.

What kind of receipt paper do I need?


There are dozens of paper types and sizes, so if you need any help when choosing paper/thermal rolls, please call us on 0800 015 1777 or drop us and email at info@ccmtills.co.uk and let us know the make and model of the cash register or card machine that you are buying for.

If you have a complete roll you can find out what size roll you need. The size of your rolls can be determined by measuring the width in mm and the diameter in mm of a complete roll. These numbers make up the reference. I.e a 57 x 40 roll is 57mm wide and has a diameter of 40mm.

What kind of labelling gun/ labels do I need?


There are literally thousands of combinations of labels and guns, so rather than search the internet for hours, why not just call us for some free advice on 0800 015 1777 or drop us and email at info@ccmtills.co.uk

What is a thermal printer?


A thermal printer on a till or credit card machine prints on thermal paper. It does not use ink to print, but burns on your text and images to the special thermal paper. Thermal printing is quicker and quieter than traditional printing and can include much more detail on your receipt. Practically all new tills and credit card machines use thermal printers. Thermal paper will not work in a traditional printer and normal paper will not work in a thermal printer.

Jargon buster.


PLU - Price look up. A single item that has an assigned price

Departments - A way of classifying sales groups, rather than tracking each individual product. A charity shop might have 'books' 'bags' 'clothes' 'jewellery' etc.

Lines/Bands - When used in the context of labelling guns, the number of lines indicate the lines of print and the number of bands indicate the number of characters on that line. For example, a 1 line, 6 band gun like the Meto 626 can print up to [£99.99] and a 2 line, 8 band gun like the Monarch 1136 can print [12345678] and [£9999.99] on the same label.

Journal/Audit - When used in the context of tills, these word are used to describe the roll of paper in a till that keeps track of every transaction as they are put in. Some tills have a journal/audit printer and a receipt printer, while some basic tills only have one printer, so you have to decide if the machine will give receipts or keep an ongoing journal.

Clerk - When used in the context of tills, this word indicates a till user. Many people operate their tills with one clerk number logged on at all times. However, you may want to give each employee their own clerk code so you can keep track of individual sales, or restrict certain functions.