SD Card Ports

Some of the newer Casio, Sharp and Sam4s cash registers include an SD card port. This new addition can be extremely handy and provides a number of new functions.

Our Modern SD Card Cash Register Systems

A Secure Digital (SD) card is used in numerous portable devices such as cameras, mobile phones and tablets. An SD card provides non-volatile storage. You may already have an SD card, if you don’t you will need to purchase one as your cash register will not come with one. When purchasing an SD card ensure that the card has the correct memory capacity for the tasks you require. We would recommend anything from 4GB to 32GB, most cash registers will not be compatible withMiniSDorMicroSDcards. You will also need to ensure that the SD card is formatted correctly.

The first function this new SD card slot provides is the ability to back up all your program data to an SD card. With this you could restore program data to a second or third machine and avoid any programming costs. Also if a fault occurs and your cash register loses its program it can be easily restored avoiding any disruption. This is extremely useful if you have 1,000’s of scanning PLU’s. If a fault occurred and you didn’t use this back up facility then every single scanned item would have to be re-entered, this would be costly and time consuming.

Latest Advanced SD Card Port Manager For Our Tills

With this new addition you will also be able to take a copy of your end of day, end of week or end of month reports and view them on your PC is csv format. This means that you do not have to solely rely on the printed reports from your till as you will have a back up stored safely on your PC. You may also be able to export a full journal from your cash register.


To insert the SD card

  1. Ensure the label on the SD card is facing upwards
  2. Push the SD card in until it clicks once


To remove the SD card

  1. Ensure the cash register is in off mode
  2. Simply push the SD card in until it clicks once
  3. This will release the SD card and you can now gently remove it from the slot.