Second Hand

Does your business sell a service? Then you will need a till to help run an efficient and profitable business. At CCM Tills, we provide our customers with second hand tills to suit every budget. By selecting our reconditioned tills, you can be certain that you will be receiving a high quality till that will meet all of your requirements.
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  1. Geller SX-580 (Second Hand)
    Geller SX-580 (Second Hand)
    £227.94 £189.95
  2. Casio TE8000F (Second Hand)
    Casio TE8000F (Second Hand)
    £240.00 £200.00
  3. Geller SX-580 Raised (Second Hand)
    Geller SX-580 Raised (Second Hand)
    £270.00 £225.00
  4. Casio SE-C450 (Reconditioned)
    Casio SE-C450 (Reconditioned)
    £358.80 £299.00
  5. Sam4s ER-940 Second Hand
    Sam4s ER-940 Second Hand
    £358.80 £299.00
  6. Casio SE-S3000 (Reconditioned)
    Casio SE-S3000 (Reconditioned)
    £359.99 £299.99
  7. Casio QT-6100 (Second Hand)
    Casio QT-6100 (Second Hand)
    £474.00 £395.00
  8. Second Hand ICR Touch EPOS Bundle
    Second Hand ICR Touch EPOS Bundle
    £1,020.00 £850.00
  9.  Casio QT-6600 (Reconditioned)
    Casio QT-6600 (Reconditioned)
    £1,194.00 £995.00