There are two types of Dallas keys available. Magnetic and non magnetic Dallas keys. At CCM Tills we only supply magnetic Dallas keys as the non magnetic keys are far less secure, less reliable and not as easy to use.
Dallas key readers can be added to a number of high range cash registers and touch screen terminals.

Dallas keys are usually around £12 each and are available in a selection of colours making them easy to identify. It is usually recommended to keep one colour for operators, one for managers and one for programmers.

Once you have received your Dallas keys and have a Dallas port fitted you will need to assign a Dallas key to each member of staff. This will be done in programming mode. Once this has been set up simply place your Dallas key on the Dallas port whenever you are using the till and remove it when you are not. The magnetic element on this key will hold it in place. With clerk interrupt activated you can remove your key mid transaction, allow another operator to use the till, return to the till, apply your key and your transaction will be remembered.

Dallas keys are also known as I Buttons if you are using ICR TouchPoint Software.

Dallas keys are a very good way of improving security. You can ensure that an operator can only access necessary sales sections of your terminal and cannot accidentally access reporting or programming. You can even limit the number of voids an operator can do.

The only real negative is that these keys can be lost which may mean you are unable to access your till. We usually recommend setting up a code for managers to gain access to the tills in the event of losing a key or a Dallas key port fault.