Does your Hampshire business need a cash till? CCM Tills has provided a wide range of businesses throughout Hampshire with the best selection of cash tills. With 30 years of experience in the industry, CCM Tills has supplied the best tills Hampshire has experienced at superb prices. We have a diverse collection of cash tills in stock to meet all of your business’ needs.

Our Hampshire tills services

Tills are an essential tool in the smooth running of any business and will provide an invaluable resource for both your business and staff. Every business has its own cash tills Hampshire needs which is why CCM Tills provides a three-tiered tills service:

Basic cash tills

Basic cash tills are perfect for small businesses that need a till that is easy to operate. CCM Tills provide a wide range of basic cash tills to suit the budgets of every Hampshire customer. All basic cash tills we supply are equipped with a small cash drawer and printer. Prices can be manually entered or accessed via preset prices.

Our basic cash tills can take the following payments:

  • Cash
  • Card
  • Cheques and more

In addition, our basic cash tills can print basic cash receipts and audits if required.

Mid-range cash tills

Mid-range cash tills have two displays screens, one that can be viewed by the operator and the other by the customer. Our mid-range cash tills also have thermal printers and a lockable full-size drawer. Similar to basic cash tills, mid-range cash tills accept a variety of different payment options.  

Our mid-range cash tills will enable your business to give your customers a fully itemised and personalised receipt that will help reinforce your business’ brand. Mid-range tills use a sophisticated reports system that will generate daily or monthly reports on request.

Advanced cash tills

Advanced cash tills are ideal for larger businesses that require the till to perform more duties than simply taking payments. Our advanced tills are very easy-to-use and will be customised to suit your tills Hampshire needs.

CCM Tills can link your advanced cash tills in Hampshire to your stockroom so that you can monitor stock effectively and pinpoint areas that are running low. Do you own a restaurant? We can link your tills to a kitchen printer so that orders are printed out in the kitchen. This will help improve the speed and efficiency of your restaurant.

The key features of this till are:

  • Two large screens
  • Large product inventory
  • Keyboard
  • Dallas key port
  • Scanning features

Why select CCM Tills for your Hampshire Tills needs?

CCM Tills has over 30 years of experience in providing businesses in Hampshire with the best selection of tills for their business’ needs. We have a diverse stock of cash tills to suit every business in Hampshire.

At CCM Tills, we are committed to ensuring that our customers receive a till that will exceed the expectations of our Hampshire customers. Before you purchase a till, our staff will ask you a range of questions to ensure we provide you with the best possible till.

CCM Tills provides a 24/7 customer support service to all of our customers in Hampshire. So if there is a fault with your till(s) or you have an emergency, call our FREEPHONE 0800 015 1777 for a committed support service.

Contact our team today on 01202 301 301 for more information on our tills Hampshire services.