History of Cash Register


The first cash register was invented in 1878 by James Ritty. James Ritty was the owner of The Pony House Bar inDayton. It became apparent to Ritty that his dishonest staff were stealing from his profits. It was for this reason that Ritty created the first cash register.


The first cash registers were mechanical and were incapable of giving a customer receipt. Employees were required to enter a transaction on the till causing a bell to ring and the drawer to open. This would alert the manager that a sale had taken place.


Ritty eventually sold his cash register business to Jacob H Eckert who formed the National Manufacturing Company. In 1884 Eckert sold the business to John H Patterson who renamed it The National Cash Register Company. It was at this stage that a paper roll was added to the machine in order to produce a receipt.


Throughout the 1900’s cash registers continued to advance with the introduction of two paper rolls, one giving a customer receipt and the other keeping a real time audit, helping to eliminate theft. Thermal printers have also been introduced; these printers do not require any ink and print on heat sensitive paper.

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Type of tills for sale in the UK today


Today’s cash registers have come a long way since the machines developed by James Ritty.


Today’s systems include advanced touch screen terminals with external bar code scanners, kitchen printers and back office stock control software. Multiple terminals can be linked providing automatic reordering and detailed sales reports. Clerks can be monitored and access can be restricted through the use of sign in codes ordallaskeys.


Many companies produce cash registers today including Sam4s, Casio and Sharp.




Sam4s are renowned for designing innovative cash registers, printers and touch screen terminals for both retail and hospitality environments.




Casio cash registers and touch screen terminals are both easy to operate and easy to program. The Casio range includes everything from very basic and affordable machines to touch screen terminals jam packed with features. Casio touch screens come complete with their own bespoke software.




Sharp cash registers are built to a very high standard and are very reliable. We particularly recommend the XEA range, these cash registers are very easy to use and to program.  


CCM Tills


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