You can use clerk sign in codes to restrict access and to monitor clerk usage on your cash register.


Most mid range cash registers will be capable of doing this and it will require some basic programming. Clerk names, access levels and codes will need to be entered.


With this activated you can ensure that only a manager code will grant access to your reporting, programming and refund levels.


With this said it is important to note that this method is not very secure and it can be easy for a member of staff to become aware of another’s sign in code and gain access to areas that are not intended for their use. Also an operator can easily forget their sign in code at a crucial moment, without it they will not even be able to operate the machine. There are other methods of clerk sign in available which completely remove the issues identified with sign in codes.


It is recommended that a manager with a code holding full access is always on site as if you have any issues with the cash register and contact CCM for help the first thing we will ask you to do is access the programming or service levels of your terminal.


A clerk sign in code will usually be a 4 digit number but it can be a single digit number. This lessens the security level but improves the chance of the operator being able to remember their number when they require it.


Sign in codes can be used in cash registers alongside your operator and manager keys. With the codes set up correctly a clerk with only operation access will be able to turn the key to program or reporting levels but won’t be able to enter anything on these levels with their sign in code.


It is essential when using clerk sign in codes that you activate compulsory clerk sign on. Without this the machine will not prompt staff to log in and you will be relying on staff to remember to log in with each sale.