New Vs Second Hand Tills


New Vs Second Hand Tills

Buying a second hand cash register can be a much more affordable way of achieving all your point of sale requirements. You will get higher levels of functionality for your money, but there are a few important points to consider. This guide will identify a few things that you should consider before making this decision.


Which tills come with a warranty

If you are purchasing a second hand till from a private seller this can be a big issue. A new cash register will usually come with a 12 month manufacturers warranty as a minimum. If the machine is less than 12 months old then this could still be under warranty. However, if it is out of this period it is important to ensure that the seller is able to provide you with some sort of warranty. Purchasing a second hand till from a reputable cash register dealer really minimises this risk. At CCM Tills we pride ourselves on the high quality of our service and with any second hand till purchased from us you will receive 24/7 telephone support and a 6 month warranty.

 If a warranty is important to you then you may be best going for a new cash register, these are available with extended warranties that cover all parts and labour should anything go wrong. These can be renewed each year for a premium and can safeguard against any faults or malfunctions.


It's not all about price

If you decide to go for a second hand cash register you will get far greater levels of functionality for your money and there are some large savings to be made. But with that said, it is important that you get a high level of service and a cash register from a recognised brand. Price shouldn’t be the overall deciding factor when selecting a cash register and making the choice between new or used. You need to be sure that the machine you are purchasing will provide value for money and won’t break down on the first day of use.


Second hand tills - check the condition

The condition of the machine is vital, if it has been heavily used in a bar and has been vulnerable to spillage then this is not ideal. Check that any second hand machine is in good condition with just signs of general wear and tear. If you are concerned then ask to see the machine beforehand or ask for several photographs. Every second hand cash till sold by CCM will be refurbished to a very high standard.


Get support regardless

This shouldn’t be an issue if you are using a reputable till dealer but, if you are using an online marketplace and purchasing through a private seller it is likely that you will not receive any technical support whatsoever. If the machine arrives and you are unable to use it then you are likely to incur further costs trying source some advice.

 All new and second hand tills from CCM are supplied with 24/7 telephone support from on 0800 015 1777 or 01202 301301.


Till programming service

Again a reputable seller should offer a programming service with any cash register, new or second hand. Secondly, a used till should have any previous programming information completely cleared from its memory. A privately purchased used till could arrive with the previous owners programming information and sales totals in tact, this will cause issues later down the line.

 All the second hand and new cash registers on our website are available programmed and set up as per your specifications.



Check your purchased till contains all parts

With a new cash register you can rest assured that it will arrive with all necessary parts and its manual in the box. With a used cash register important parts could have been misplaced over the years. Make sure you receive:

  • Operator Keys
  • Manager Keys
  • Drawer Keys
  • Take up Spool (If applicable)
  • Key tops (if applicable)
  • Insert Trays
  • Manual / Easy to use Guide

 At CCM all our used cash registers come with all necessary parts and a clear easy to use guide or manual.   


Consider the age of the cash register

A new cash register should last you a number of years provided that it is treated with respect and does not come into contact with anything that could cause it damage. When purchasing a second hand cash register try to research the model and find out when it was produced and if it is still a current model. If it is still a current model or has recently been replaced then this is a positive sign. If it was produced many years ago by a manufacturer that no longer exists then this is not a good sign. Any savings made here are likely to be short term, issues and problems encountered could be expensive to rectify and that is only if parts can still be sourced.

 There are some fantastic savings to be made by purchasing a used cash register provided that you purchase it from a reputable dealer and pay attention to the warranty, price, condition, support, programming, parts and its age.

 If you have any further questions after reading this article then please give us a call on 0800 015 1777 or 01202 301301. Alternatively you can drop us as an email at