Do you want an electronic till that saves time and eliminates errors? Choose CCM Tills today for the best selection of EPoS system Dorset has to offer. CCM Tills has provided a wide range of tills for many satisfied customers in Dorset for over 30 years now. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best and latest technology.

What are EPoS systems?

EPoS is short for Electronic Point of Sale, and it refers to an electronic interactive till. It is a fully computerised system that will record all transactions and sales tasks in a quick and effective manner. With no room for human error, EPoS systems are a brilliant investment for any business  small or large.  

EPoS systems consist of the following:


Typically, the hardware consists of a PC Terminal or touch screen that can be linked to different locations. At CCM Tills, we provide our customers with a range of additional extras to customise the EPoS systems for you and your business, these include:

  • Barcode Scanners
  • Cash drawers
  • Customer displays
  • Hand held ordering devices
  • Keyboards
  • Kitchen Printers
  • PDQ terminals
  • Thermal receipt printers
  • Weighing Scales


To personalise the EPoS system experience for your business, we provide a wide range of software that can be customised to suit the needs of your business. We will ensure that the software provided suits the EPoS systems purchased from CCM Tills.

The benefits of Dorset EPoS systems

Choosing one of our Dorset EPoS systems will present your business in Dorset with the following benefits:

Speedier transactions

An electronic system is very easy to use and are extremely fast in processing orders and transactions. By speeding up transactions will allow your business to serve customers more quickly and improve the overall customer experience. Speedier transactions will also help to reinforce customer loyalty with your business. EPoS systems are very easy to use and it is very simple to add products and change prices upon request.

Stock control

An EPoS system can be linked up to your stock room and integrated with your website. This will enable your business to maintain effective control of your stock room and monitor all items. You will have the ability to manage your stock room effectively and see which areas need replenishing.  If a particular product is running low, you can arrange for the till to reorder the needed product.

Improved accuracy

The huge benefit of EPoS system is that it helps to eliminate human error and ensures consistency in pricing and stock levels. This makes it far easier to hire and train staff to the high standards required. Point of sale system tills will allow you to monitor your staff effectively and assess staff performance.

Fully adaptable machines

EPoS systems can be adapted to suit the needs of every customer. CCM Tills can provide the following:

  • Barcode scanners- allow for products to be quickly identified
  • Credit card terminals-can be attached to your machine upon request
  • Hand held ordering
  • Kitchen printers – so that orders are printed directly in the kitchen

Why choose CCM for all you EPOS systems needs?

CCM Tills are dedicated to providing the best EPoS systems in Dorset service for all of our customers. Regardless of your business size or EPoS systems needs, our team will ensure that we provide you with an EPoS system that meets all of your requirements.

By choosing CCM Tills, you will be dealing with a company that has over 30 years of experience in providing a superb tills service for many satisfied throughout the county of Dorset. Whatever your EPoS systems needs are, we will do our best to fulfil them.

In addition, we provide our customers with a 24/7 support service. So if one of your tills are out of order or not functioning properly, please do not hesitate to get in touch today by calling 0800 015 1777

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