CCM Tills Roll

The easiest way to find out which size till, EPoS or credit card (PDQ) rolls you need is to measure a complete roll. You can do this by first measuring the width and then measuring the diameter. For example if the width of the paper is 57mm and the diameter of the complete roll is 51mm the roll you will need is a 57 x 51. 

Next you need to establish whether it is a thermal roll or a paper roll. One easy way to do this is to find out whether or not the machine uses any ink, if the machine does use an ink roller or ribbon then it is a paper roll. If it doesn't this means it is thermal paper which has a slightly glossy finish to one side and is heat sensitive. 

Sometimes you may use a roll with a duplicate copy, these are called two ply rolls. If you a have a third copy it is a three ply roll. 

If your roll is for use in a laundrette or dry cleaners system then you may be using a special laundry roll, these are measured in exactly the same way and are wet strength. A 76 x 76 laundry roll is an example of wet strength roll. 

You should ensure that the paper you are purchasing is A grade quality as these rolls will be bright white and produce a much clearer print than an economy roll. 

Sometimes you may not have a complete roll left, if this is the case then you can give us a call on our freephone number with the make and model of your cash register, EPoS system or credit card terminal and we will be happy to let you know which size you need.