This guide is designed to help simplify the process of choosing a new price gun for your business. 

If you already have price gun labels then you may be some what limited when looking to purchase a new price gun. This is because there are so many different varieties of label and each price gun tends to take a different label. If you are looking to buy both a price gun and labels then you have a lot more flexibility and can look at various designs and brands. If it is both labels and a price gun you require then you may want to look at various starter pack options, these offer both labels and a gun at a discounted price, an example of this is the Meto Starter Pack.

If you need the gun for dating you need to look specifically at date coding guns. These can be set to either print a price or a date and require at least 8 bands. The Meto Eagle 826 is a popular date coding gun. 

If you need the gun for pricing only then you need to decide how many bands you require. For example a price gun with 6 bands will print up to £99.99 and a price gun with 8 bands can print up to £9999.99.

Some guns will have more than 1 line of print and may be able to print another price, code or date on other lines for example theMonarch Paxar 1152 has 2 lines of print. It is important to check the band specification for each line to make sure it can code, date or price as you require. 

Some guns have been designed to work with specific pre printed labels for example the Monarch Paxar 1153 Beef Coding gun is designed to work with Monarch 1153 Beef Labels. This gun can print all the necessary details for coding beef.

All price guns use ink rollers and these can be purchased separately or in some cases they come free with your label order. Special outdoor ink rollers should be used when labelling for outdoor use as the sun will fade the standard ink. 

Price gun labels come in a variety of colours and pre printed options. They can also be printed to your specifications with your logo or company name. 

Available Adhesives 

When purchasing your price gun labels you may be asked what adhesive you require. There are several adhesives available:

  • Removable 
  • Permanent 
  • Freezer 
  • Outdoor KCP – is water proof 
  • Outdoor KP – is water proof and slug proof 

Hopefully this guide has been of assistance and you now know what to look for when selecting a new price gun. Should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.